Mike Ashcraft, associate professor of religion, and Dereck Daschke, associate professor of philosophy and religion, were invited to speak about their edited volume, “New Religious Movements: A Documentary Reader,” at two universities in the last month. They addressed the Claremont University Consortium in Claremont, Calif., March 22 and they addressed Quincy University in Quincy, Ill., April 3 delivering a joint lecture titled “Laboratories of the Sacred: What We Can Learn from New Religious Movements.”

Daniel Mandell, associate professor of history, recently published “Selling the Praying Towns: Massachusett and Nipmuc Land Transactions, 1680-1730,” in Northeast Anthropology, vol. 70 pp. 11-15.

Marc Rice, associate professor of music,
recently served as a session chair at the Southeast/Caribbean chapter meeting of the Society of Ethnomusicology in Athens, Ga.

Mark Spitzer, assistant professor of English,
will have his essay “Gitting Me a Garfish” anthologized in a best-of collection to be published by The Yale Anglers’ Journal.

David Wohlers, professor of chemistry,
organized and presided over a half-day symposium, “Teaching Chemistry to the Visually Impaired,” under the auspices of the Division of Chemical Education at the 233rd meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago, March 25-29. Wohlers then traveled to the 55th annual meeting of the National Science Teachers Association meeting held in St. Louis, March 30-April 1. He assisted professor Andrew Greenberg from the University of Wisconsin-Madison at his workshop, “Seeing Color Through Sound.” Wohlers also spoke about two devices, the Submersible Audio Light Sensor (SALS) and the Color Analysis Laboratory Sensor (CALS), and the speech accessible software Vernier Software and probes in a talk titled “Independent Laboratory Access for the Blind.”
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