Truman Volunteers Assist at NEMO Fair

A number of Truman faculty, staff and student workers volunteered to assist the NEMO Fair Committee by working at the gates for one day of the Fair.

Those who were scheduled to work this year include Donna Bailey, Tim Barcus, Katie Best, Mike Bolle, Courtney Bonney, Liz Bradley, Joyce Brown, Zac Burden, Bethany Conover, Lana Dowell, Sarah Hass, Jamie Hansen, Lisa Hooper, Daniel Johnson, Beatrice Kelrick, Josh Lemmer, Jamie Matthews, Andrea O'Brien, John O'Brien, Gwen Perrachione, Mika Porro, Sasha Rassi, Deanna Rood, Elaine Scudder, Charles Tonon, Teresa Wheeler, Kathy Williams, Jessica Winders and Phil Worley.

Thanks to all those volunteers for helping at the Fair.

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