Truman Faculty, Staff Honored at Service Recognition Banquet

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Members of the Truman faculty and staff who are celebrating their retirement, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th and 35th anniversary of service to Truman were honored. They were recognized at the Service Recognition Banquet at 6:30 p.m., April 27, in the Student Union Building Georgian Room.


In the photo above are the 2005-2006 retirees honored at the recognition banquet (seated left to right) Patricia Teter, Carl Baldwin and Barbara Heard; (standing left to right) Robert Graber, Edward Schneider, Donald Kangas and Carlton DeFosse. Not pictured are Jimmy Hanlin, Sharon Russell, Dennis Leavens, Marilyn Wade, Ervinetta Pettit, Ronald Morton, Kay Clapp and Richard Weerts.

The 35-year-anniversary honoree Melinda Hettinger is not pictured.


In the photo above are the 30-year-anniversary honorees (left to right) Jeffrey Romine, Sandra Weber and George Schulte.


In the photo above are the 25-year-anniversary honorees (seated left to right) Barb Bevell, Ray Barrow and Theresa Lancaster; (standing left to right) Lin Twining, Steve Baldwin and Sarah Delaware. Not pictured are Kathy Elsea, Jack James, Paula Moore and Randall Shafer.


In the photo above are the 20-year-anniversary honorees (seated left to right) Cheryl Miller, Wynona Murphy, Sharon Hackney and Maria Di Stefano; (standing left to right) Nancy Bissey, Lucy Lee, Glen Giboney, Jason Lin and Robert Mielke. Not pictured are Tom Capuano, Brad Chambers, Donna Fude, Neil Gilchrist, Melinda Maggart, Tom Marshall, Deborah McCormick, Julie Minn, David Partenheimer and Steven R. Smith.


In the photo above are the 15-year-anniversary honorees (seated left to right) Tim Maize, Tracy Williams, Lori Murray and Jerry Findling; (standing left to right) Sara Orel, Heidi Templeton, Gregg Siewert, Judy Alexander and Huping Ling. Not pictured are Joe Billington, Paul Fellows, Mark Hanley, John Hoffmann, Eric Howard, James Jereb, Ron Manning, Lee Orchard, Jeff Osborn, Harold Reeves, Cathy Sherrow, Mark Weidner, David West and Teresa West.


In the photo above are the 10-year-anniversary honorees (seated left to right) Mark Campbell, Darin Schnetzler, Diane Moore and Shuan Klingsmith; (standing left to right) Debbie Nothdurft, Karon Speckman, Stephanie Powelson, Patricia Mickey and Judy Gooch. Not pictured are Charles Apter, William Ashcraft, Joyce Edwards, Stephanie Foré, José Herrera, James Padfield, John Quinn, Robert Tigner and Kevin White.

Service Recognition5.jpg

In the photo above are the 5-year-anniversary honorees (seated left to right) Lori Allen, Kelly Freeland, Tracy McFarland, Sarah Hass, Judith Sharp and Xiaofen Chen; (first row standing left to right) Diane Johnson, Christina Davis, Erika Sterup, Katie Best, Shannon Muedeking, Joyce Holdren, Tina Hines, Jo Agnew-Tally and Daisy Rearick; (second row standing left to right) Kasey Graves, Dean DeCock, Butch Long, John Mounsey, Matt Moore, Mike Elam, Tom Martin, Peter Ramberg and Terry Crook. Not pictured are Gary Blurton, Kathy Bulen, Stephanie Dager, Darl Davis, Robert Davis, Marty Eisenberg, Daryl Fazio, Jonathan Gering, Amber Johnson, Elaine McDuff, Wendy Miner, Maria Nagan, Melissa Rodman, Liz Story, Jeffrey Vittengl and Erika Woehlk.