Study Abroad Opportunity for Music Majors

An opportunity is available for music majors to study abroad in Italy. Puccini Conservatory, located in La Spezia, Liguria resides right along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and is less than two hours away from the historical city of Florence, Tuscany. Studying in La Spezia offers students the chance to take musical classes including instruments, voicing and Italian languages courses. This is perfect for any music major looking to gain a well-rounded education as well as experience life in another culture, all at the price of Truman tuition. Students who are interested should audition with Sam McClure, Truman’s director of orchestras. It is recommended to have at least one semester of Italian before departing. Start applying now and secure a spot to study in Italy by next August. To learn more about this program, email the Study Abroad Office at or visit the Puccini Conservatory website.
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