Global Issues Series to Look at Independence Movements

The last official Global Issues Colloquium of the school year will focus on four global independence movements. It is scheduled for April 9 in Magruder Hall 2001.  

Crimea, Taiwan, Scotland and Catalunya (Catalonia) each have ongoing and serious movements for independence from their current countries of Russia, China, the United Kingdom and Spain respectively. There will be four speakers who are local experts on these movements, including Andrei Klyukovski on Crimea, Ding-Hwa Hsieh on Taiwan, Larry Iles on Scotland and Maria Antonia Scayol with James Hammerstrand on the Catalan movement.
This presentation will discuss lessons learned from similar movements in California, Ireland, Jamaica or Texas, and call into question what makes borders into boundaries, and what makes people want to move or remove them.

The Global Issues Colloquium is sponsored by the Global Issues Committee. For more information, visit

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