Dereck Daschke, professor of philosophy and religion, saw his chapter “Apocalypse and Trauma” published with the Oxford Handbook of Apocalyptic Literature this month. Additionally, he presented a paper, “‘When the Truth is Found to be Lies’: Revelation, Concealment and Interpretation in Film and Film Criticism,” at the International Religion and Film Conference in Omaha, Neb., April 12.

Bryce Jones, professor of business administration, and Theresa Presley of Kansas State University, had their manuscript entitled, “Lehman Brothers: The Case Against Self-Regulation,” accepted for publication in an upcoming edition of the Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics.

Katherine Maxwell, a junior physics student, had her research paper entitled, “Bell Inequalities with Communication Assistance,” accepted for publication in Physical Reviews A, a prestigious journal of the American Physical Society. Maxwell is the lead author on the paper with her advisor Dr. Eric Chitamber of the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Ill., as the second author.  
Antonio Scuderi, professor of Italian, had his book “Dario Fo: Framing, Festival, and the Folkloric Imagination,” reviewed in the IRIS—a French journal of cultural anthropology and cultural studies that focuses on myths and symbols. Dr. Philippe Walter, professor of medieval literature at the University of Grenoble, wrote the review.

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