Betty L. McLane-Iles, professor of French, presented a paper entitled “French Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira’s 2001 ‘Loi Taubira’ on Slave Reparations legislation: Purpose and consequence” June 14 at the French Colonial Historical Society 2013 Conference, which took place at both the Louisbourg Fortress of Cape Breton Island and at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia. The paper discussed both the sponsorship by the then French Guyanese Deputy Taubira of this historic bill in the French National Assembly and her narrative history of slavery, as well as also the deeply controversial division between opponents and supporters of the legislation.

Peter Ramberg, professor of History of Science, recently published the article “Wilhelm Heintz (1817-1880) and the Chemistry of the Fatty Acids” in the Bulletin for the History of Chemistry, a journal of the History of Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society.

Antonio Scuderi, professor of Italian, has been invited to write a chapter for a book on the commedia dell’arte (Italian Renaissance comedy) that will be published by Routledge.
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