Five classics students from Truman, Kathleen Donelson, Madeline Oberman, Callyn Burgess, Hannah Lantz and Claire Drone-Silvers, assisted in running the Missouri Junior Classical League convention in Columbia, Mo., April 19-20. The convention takes place annually to showcase and celebrate the talents of Missouri’s middle and high school-aged scholars of Greek and Latin, through academic and creative arts competitions. Drone-Silvers also served as the 2012-13 secretary of the Missouri Senior Classical League. They were accompanied by Truman graduate English student and classics alumnus David Giovagnoli, who was elected state co-chair for the 2013-14 academic year, co-leading a committee of Latin teachers from across the state to plan the next convention and other MOJCL activities.

Two classics students from Truman, Jordan Dillon and Hannah Lantz, travelled to Wake Forest University from April 5-7 to attend the 85th Annual Eta Sigma Phi convention, as national officers of that organization, the national collegiate classics honorary society. Elected at the previous convention, Dillon served as the megas hyparchos (Grand Vice-President) and Lantz served as the megale crysophylax (Grand Treasurer). This was the first time that two national officers have been from the same university since the early days of the organization, and this was the third year that Truman has had national officers. In addition to their magisterial duties, the two were part of the winning certamen (quiz bowl) team.

Jerrold Hirsch, professor of history, is acting as a consultant to an exhibit being organized by the Frazier History Museum, Louisville, entitled “American Eye/Kentucky Hand: The Index of American Design in Kentucky.” The exhibition is scheduled to open in early 2015. He attended a planning meeting at the Museum, April 9.
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