Requesting Used Computer Equipment

As computer equipment becomes older, eventually it no longer provides acceptable services. When old computer systems are replaced, ITS evaluates the used computer systems. If the used computers can perform other Truman services in a productive manner, then ITS may reallocate them in a different role.

Truman new computer purchases usually take place during the summer. Late summer and fall are normally when ITS is processing and evaluating used computer equipment. Most used computers have reached their final end-of-life and are not suitable for reallocation but a few computers are still useful.

If you have a computer need that you believe could possibly be met with an older computer system, contact the ITS Help Desk and submit your request. ITS will evaluate each request and work to find a suitable used computer system available that may be able to be reallocated it to meet your computer need.

Keep in mind the number and capability of suitable used computer systems is quite limited. Also, these computers are several years old and out of warranty coverage. While they may still be useful in some secondary usage situations they should not be used for any Truman mission critical processes. For more information, contact the ITS Help Desk at 660.785.4544.

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