Art Students Awarded TruScholar Grants

ZuZu Smugala works on her TruScholar project. Smugala was one of five students to receive a TruScholar grant to pursue summer research.

Five Truman art students were awarded TruScholar grants to pursue summer research.

Maggie Adams conducted her project on the fiber artist Lenore Tawney through research of combined studio art and art historical methodologies. Adams focused on replicating Tawney’s understudied weaving techniques in her body of work “Woven Forms” and its connection to abstract expressionism in the 1960s.

For his TruScholar research, Kameron Clark compared struggles of contemporary wealth inequality with similar themes from the past. Through his work, historical paintings such as “Hard Times” by Hubert von Herkomer and “Evicted” by Blandford Fletcher are reimagined in the current United States climate.  
Anna Grahlherr’s research aimed to reclaim the female nude in art from the perspective of female-sexed people. In this series, she rejects the tradition of the male gaze and explores diverse bodies.
ZuZu Smugala created artwork that explores how people use different coping mechanisms in their daily lives.  
Kristen Buck’s project is about documenting her body to create permanence of her own self-image. After going through a drastic physical change, her reality has been comprised by her own thoughts. The resulting series of photographs capture her contradictory feelings as well as igniting conversations about what an image is and how it serves to preserve truth.

Each student’s work will be on display in the Atrium Gallery of Ophelia Parrish from Aug. 30 through Sept. 3.
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