U.S. Department of Defense Internships Available

The U.S. Department of Defense is offering internships in Washington, D.C., with substantial stipends for Summer 2008 through the Washington Center program. Truman students have successfully competed for similar internships in summer 2006 (a political science major) and summer 2007 (a visual communication major). Desired majors include: computer science, business, economics, math/statistics, but any major is eligible.  
If the student wishes to do the full Washington Center program for credit, the stipend is $7,195, which covers the program fee for TWC and most of the housing fee. Graduate students can compete for non-credit stipends of $6,426 and may choose to live in TWC housing if they wish (for a fee of $3,350).  Students can apply for the internships without applying to the TWC program but must contact the Washington Center at info@twc.edu in order to apply. The deadline for any of these options is Nov. 30. For more information, students should contact the Truman in Washington Program liaison, Diane Tobin Johnson at djohnson@truman.edu.
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