Stay Focused and Start Thinking of a Plan for Break

In their analysis of the Truman case numbers for the week of Oct. 13, the Faculty Senate COVID-19 Working Group, composed of Nancy Daley-Moore, Scott Alberts and Christine Harker, discussed the need for everyone to maintain vigilance in order to prevent spread. The number of active cases ticked up for the second week in a row, and may be due in part to Truman having low numbers earlier in the semester. When numbers are low, people tend to let down their guards, but spread of the virus is still a real concern. The more positive habits campus observes – wearing masks, physically distancing, washing hands, avoiding large gatherings – the more likely everyone is to stay safe. The group also encouraged students to have a plan for returning home at Thanksgiving, whether it be self-quarantining before returning, or doing so when they arrive home. A recording of their conversation can be found here.

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