CUR Accepting Proposals for 2008 National Conference, Posters on the Hill

CUR is now accepting proposals for workshops, interactive sessions, and poster presentations for the 2008 CUR National Conference to take place June 21-24 at the College of Saint Benedict, in Saint Joseph, Minn.

The theme is “Frontiers and Challenges in Undergraduate Research.” A description of the theme, as well as sub themes are available by visiting the conference Web page at

The deadline for submission for workshops and interactive sessions is Nov. 1. For poster presentations, the deadline is Feb. 1.

Summary of 2008 Conference
Academic investigation lives, by definition, on the frontiers of knowledge. New information and advances in technology change our research questions and methods; new theoretical perspectives challenge our assumptions; increased interdisciplinary collaboration brings us new partners and opens new avenues of study; and new political and pedagogical contexts demand that we offer expanded research opportunities to more of our students. And yet, with all that is new, we have many of the same old devils on our tail:  time, money, institutional politics, student preparedness.  The theme of this conference is the exploration of current conditions and future possibilities in undergraduate research, but we invite all of the presenters to be explicit about the ways that they encounter and address the real logistical challenges entailed in their projects.

2008 Conference Sub Themes
Undergraduate Research and Scholarship in Arts and Humanities
Assessment of Research Outcomes
Beyond the academy: Real-world applications of research results
Early involvement in research
Research in a Global environment
Undergraduate research in the interface of disciplines

* Plenary Speakers
* Workshops
* Poster Sessions
* Interactive Sessions

Truman's membership is active until June 30, 2008.

CUR is also accepting abstract submissions for the 2008 Posters on the Hill Event. In honor of International Polar Year, the Council on Undergraduate Research would like to encourage the submission of research abstracts for Posters on the Hill that involve polar research. Students in any of the CUR Divisions as well as the Humanities are welcome to apply. The program is tentatively scheduled for April 16, 2008, in Washington, D.C. The deadline for submitting applications is Nov. 15. More information and the application are available at
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