Truman students Mary Butler, Reuben Kern, Addison Leabo, Alexandra Marko, Kerstin Peterson and Alyssa Tipler gave research poster presentations at the 2019 Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Wichita, Kan. Biochemistry majors Butler, Peterson and Tipler presented on developing an essay to understand the mechanism of a protein chaperone. Biochemistry major Kern and biology majors Leabo and Marko presented on the work they have done creating disulfide-mediated aggregates of the proteins that cause cataracts in order to see if a molecular chaperone can reverse this aggregation. These students will be continuing their work in the Dobson lab.

Kerstin Peterson, Reuben Kern, Addison Leabo, Cassidy Dobson, Alexandra Marko, Mary Butler and Alyssa Tipler
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