Severe Weather Preparedness

With the coming of spring comes the possibility of serve weather. The University would like to remind everyone of the procedure to take when dangerous weather occurs. The first step is to understand the terms that help identify a tornado hazard.

A Tornado/Severe Weather Watch means that the conditions are right for dangerous weather to develop. This does not mean that it is imminent, but you should be aware of the weather for future updates.

While a Tornado/Severe Weather Warning means that it is imminent based on criteria set by the National Weather Service. When a warning is issued students should seek shelter immediately and monitor the weather closely.

If notified that a tornado is approaching, you should follow the steps outlined in Truman’s emergency procedures.

1. Move quickly to an interior hallway on the lowest level.
2. Stay away from windows.
3. Stay out of rooms below large roof sections such as gymnasiums, auditoriums or cafeterias.
4. Sit down or kneel on the floor against the wall with hands on your head.
5. Do not leave your building unless instructed to do so.
6. If outside, seek shelter in a nearby building or find a ditch or depression in which to hide and cover your head.

To receive local weather alerts, you can subscribe to Kirksville’s textcastor to receive severe weather alerts directly from the National Weather Service via text or email here or sign up to receive emergency notices through the University by logging on to the TruView. On the main page, under “Update and View My Personal Information,” click on “Emergency Text Messaging.”

Truman's emergency procedure should also be displayed in every classroom and office, if not, contact the Office of Public Safety at 660.785.4176.

To learn more about Truman’s severe weather or other emergency procedures, consult the Department of Public Safety’s emergency procedures and Tornado Safety Rules.

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