Amber Johnson, professor of anthropology, has a new publication, with Truman alumni Jacob Freeman, Adolfo Gil and Gustavo Neme, in the newest issue of the Journal of Anthropological Anthropology, vol 38, pp. 52-58, titled “Hierarchical Method Using Ethnographic Data Sets to Guide Archaeological Research: Testing Models of Plant Intensification and Maize Use in Central Western Argentina.” This is a special issue honoring Lewis Binford’s contributions in archaeology.

Peter Ramberg, professor of history of science, is the guest editor for the April 2015 volume of the journal Annals of Science, Atomism and Organic Chemistry in Context: Essays in Honour of Alan J. Rocke. The issue contains six original research articles on the history of chemistry, including Ramberg’s own article “Chemical Research and Instruction in Zürich, 1833-1874.” The full table of contents is available online at
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